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How is child support calculated?

They say that knowledge is power. This is true about most things throughout life, including one's ability while going through the phases of a divorce. Knowing what to expect and what could happen can only help you make the right decisions and say the right things during the process of a divorce. This holds true for many of the decisions including but not limited to child custody, child support, alimony and even property division.

How the county helps with delinquent payments of child support

Child support in Westchester County is an integral part of caring for a child when the parents are no longer together. Unfortunately, there are times when the supporting parent does not make the required payments. Custodial parents might not know what to do when the would-be supporting parent is guilty of delinquent payments. The county has certain steps it will take to help in these circumstances.

How can I recover child support from an out-of-state parent?

Failure to pay child support is a problem that is disturbingly common in Westchester County and throughout New York State. While there are strategies that the state can use to recover delinquent payments, a factor that can increase the difficulty in pursuing a parent for failure to pay child support is if the would-be supporting parent lives outside New York. Fortunately, there are methods to recover these payments.

Child support and income determination

When New York couples have parted ways as a couple and share a child or children, a frequent concern is how child support will be calculated. There are certain factors that must be taken into consideration with percentages based on how many children there are and what amount of income will be earmarked for the child. Understanding the child support guidelines is a key to both adhering to the financial needs of the child and handling a child support dispute.

How to handle an inability to pay child support in New York

It is not unusual for a parent who has been ordered to pay child support in New York to have an issue keeping up with the payments. This can make it difficult if not outright impossible for them to make the payments they are supposed to make. A failure to pay child support can lead to numerous problems for the supporting parent, the custodial parent and the child. If a parent is unable to pay, there are certain steps to take to avoid being charged with delinquent payments and enduring an ongoing child support dispute. Knowing these steps is imperative to settling the matter.

What can child support be used for in New York?

There are many factors that are taken into consideration when determining child support in New York. First and foremost, it is important to understand that the goal of the courts is to assure that every step is taken in protecting the well-being of the child or children involved in the divorce. This is the court's primary and most important focus.

The importance of establishing paternity for child support

Children rely on their parents for almost everything as they grow up in New York. The parents must, at a minimum, provide food, clothing and shelter. However, as many parents know, there are many more costs as well. There are medical costs, extracurricular activities, entertainment, toys and many other costs. Parents are required to provide for these costs whether they are married, divorced or never married in the first place.

Calculating basic child support in New York

Not all parents stay together in New York. Some of these parents may have never been together when they had a child, but others may end up divorcing at some point in time, while the child is a minor. Many times, one parent will end up with the child more often than the other parent. However, this does not mean that the parent is responsible to provide for most of the child's financial needs when they have them.

The documents are needed for a child support hearing

Family dynamics throughout New York are very different. Even two families that seem to be the same are in fact unique. Parenting styles may be different and other problems may exist between the parents that others do not know about. That is why divorce is relatively common. Couples that divorce when they have children have many different issues that must be resolved.

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