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Why divorce mediation may be useful for child custody decisions

There are many decisions that parents in New York have to make for their children as they raise them. They have to make decisions regarding what schools they will go to and other education-related decisions. They also have to make medical decisions for the children, such as which doctors they will go to. They also decide which religion they will raise their children in, as well as many other daily decisions about what they eat, what they wear and where they will go.

How can you prepare for divorce mediation success?

While going through a divorce can be a stressful time in a person's life, many couples in White Plains may want to try to put their differences behind them and hammer out an agreement out-of-court. One way they can do this is through mediation. However, it is important to plan for mediation ahead of time, to increase the chance that it will be successful.

Finalizing a divorce if a full agreement is reached in mediation

Divorces in New York are oftentimes stressful situations for a family. It is not easy to split up a person's life and oftentimes it is emotional and the couple can be upset with each other. This can make coming to agreements difficult, and there are many issues that a couple must discuss during a divorce. If the couple has children, child custody, parenting time and child support will be issues. All couples must divide assets and debts, and spousal support may be an issue as well.

How mediators help couples draft prenuptial agreements

In New York, prenuptial agreements must be signed by the couple before marriage takes place in order to be enforceable. But the introduction of the subject of a prenuptial agreement by one member of the couple may have a disquieting impact on the other. The sudden injection of financial matters into the romantic anticipation that precedes a marriage can seem quite jarring. One solution is the use of a trained mediator to assist the couple in facing the possibility of divorce and helping them devise solutions for child custody issues, spousal support and property division.

A lawyer can help with divorce mediation in Westchester County

Not all divorces in Westchester County need to be contentious and go to court to be settled. Some couples might have issues that prevent them from continuing in marriage, but they can talk through their problems and come to a basic agreement regarding the end of the marriage. It does not even have to be "friendly" for the couple to benefit from divorce mediation, but they can be amicable and flexible to settle the matter without the money and time that accompanies many divorces. Mediation is particularly beneficial for couples who are experiencing financial challenges and do not want to spend any more than they have to spend to end the marriage and move on.

Understanding divorce mediation in New York

Good communication between people can make many situations in life much smoother. This could be in a business, within a family, between friends and in many other situations. In certain situations, having good communication can be more difficult, however. One of those situations is during a divorce. Generally, the couple is not happy with each other and emotions run high. Therefore, even when the couple does communicate, it is not productive.

Impartiality of a mediator during divorce mediation

Divorces in New York are not always an easy process. They certainly can be, but often times, there are disagreements about how the couple should divide assets, who will have custody of the children, when each parent will have parenting time with the children, how much one parent will pay the other each month for child support, whether one spouse should receive alimony and other issues. These disagreements can also escalate because usually, the couples are not happy together.

Utilizing divorce mediation for equitable distribution

When people divorce in New York, it is generally not as simple as moving out and forgetting about the marriage. There are many issues that arise as people separate their lives. If the couple has a child, they will have to deal with child support, child custody and visitation. They may have to deal with spousal maintenance and almost every couple with have to divide their assets and debts during the divorce.

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