Bringing a child into your family through adoption can be an exhilarating but emotionally trying experience.  You need the assistance of a qualified lawyer to ensure that your adoption goes well.  Through the entire adoption process, we analyze your unique circumstances and help you determine your best legal options.

The New York adoption lawyers of Carton & Rosoff PC regularly assist families with the following types of adoptions:

  • Private domestic adoptions
  • Agency adoptions
  • Foster care adoptions
  • Adult adoptions
  • Step-parent adoptions
  • Second parent adoptions
  • Readoptions of international adoptions
  • Finalization of international adoptions

Preparing for an Adoption

Because our attorneys understand the interplay between family dynamics and the law, we can provide strong support and direction for your needs.  While New York does not legally require adoptive parents to hire an attorney, it is best to have knowledgeable legal counsel to assert and protect your rights.  Our law firm helps clients with all adoption-related milestones, including the following:

  • Preparing and filing adoption applications
  • Preparing for home-study processes
  • Applying for adoption and medical subsidies
  • Preparing for an adoption hearing
  • Finalizing an adoption in court

Open Adoption

Open adoption denotes an adoption in which placing and adoptive parents exchange information or photos and maintain contact.  The level of "open" communication varies, depending on the situation, and continues in the post-adoption period.

Open adoption is relatively common where, for example, a child is adopted by a grandparent and continues to interact with his/her biological parents.  However, you may consider open adoption in other circumstances, if you believe that it serves the health and general welfare of the child and the adults involved.

Personalized Adoption Plan

At Carton & Rosoff PC, we know how emotional and fluid adoption plans can be, and we are here to help every step of the way.  Our attorneys are well-versed in the relevant law and available resources on adoptive parenting, adoption search, adoption alternatives, and more.  Our services are highly personal, confidential, and affordable.

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Helping Families Make Smooth Transitions

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