White Plains Child Support Attorney

Among the first considerations during divorce are the financial needs of children. In New York, it is mandatory to include child support in any divorce settlement or decree where children are involved. The calculation, defined by the Child Support Standards Act, is based upon a percentage of parental income. In addition to basic child support, parents are responsible, proportionate to income, for payment of child care expenses and the child's or children's unreimbursed medical costs.

Child support is obligatory and cannot be voluntarily waived by either parent or discharged in bankruptcy. Because of the unique variables involved when calculating child support, the assistance of a skilled attorney is invaluable. We can assist you in determining whether, in your case, it is appropriate to deviate from the statutory formula. If you are seeking child support or additional child support, or if you need to reduce the amount of child support you have been ordered to pay, we encourage you to contact us.

Westchester County Child Support Attorney For High Income Families

Since 1988, we at Carton & Rosoff PC have worked on complex issues of child support, including complex cases where a party responsible for paying child support is self-employed or derives income from investment and other assets.

We concentrate solely on family law matters and approach each client's concerns individually.

We are prepared for any and all issues that arise concerning child support. We are also equipped to work on child support modifications when substantial or unforeseen changes occur in our clients' lives or the lives of their children.

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