White Plains Child Abuse Defense Lawyer

Child abuse reports have a profound effect upon families. Individuals can make an anonymous call to the New York State Central Register, which triggers an investigation by the local Child Protective Services. Teachers, therapist, physicians and certain other professionals are mandated reporters who must report instances of suspected child abuse. Upon investigation by the Child Protective Services, there will be a determination that:

There is insufficient credible evidence to substantiate the child abuse report and the report is deemed "unfounded," or

There is sufficient credible evidence to substantiate the child abuse report and the report is deemed "indicated."

In cases where the report is indicated, the subject of the report can appeal the determination and request a Fair Hearing before an administrative law judge. If the appellant is successful at the Fair Hearing, the indicated report is amended, deemed unfounded and sealed.

Reports of child abuse can be used to gain unfair advantage in separation or divorce proceedings. If you are facing child abuse charges, the assistance of a skilled attorney is imperative.

Westchester County Child Abuse Lawyer

We at Carton & Rosoff PC represent clients who are unfairly charged with child maltreatment. We are prepared to use our many years of experience in complex family law issues to assist you in defending against child maltreatment charges or appealing unfair child maltreatment findings. Swift and decisive action is the key to a fair and successful outcome. We encourage you to seek legal assistance as soon as possible. Our intervention during the initial investigation by the Child Protective Services can be extremely helpful in preventing an indicated report.

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