White Plains Collaborative Attorney And Mediator

Many couples who are contemplating divorce seek the most effective, efficient and economical way to minimize conflict and preserve the emotional well-being of the entire family. There is no need to go to court to address issues that can be resolved otherwise

Couples who seek alternative dispute resolution outside of litigation have the opportunity to choose between two major options:

Mediation — In this cost-effective process, a divorce mediator (often an attorney) is a neutral third party who helps couples arrive at their own solutions to the problems posed by marital dissolution. The mediator presents the legal framework as one point of view to be considered. The parties are encouraged to express what they believe will be best for the family and fair under the circumstances. The mediator doesn't represent either party, but does facilitate the parties' negotiation by assisting them with creative problem-solving. This process leads to a binding agreement that can be incorporated into a judgment of divorce without the need for litigation. This process often avoids the animosity that can be present in a litigated separation or divorce.

Collaborative divorce — In a collaborative divorce, each party has legal representation, and the lawyers and the parties work together to resolve custody, support, equitable distribution or any other marital issues. For some couples, collaboration is preferable to mediation because each party has the assistance and support of their own legal representative. Collaborative divorce offers a professional team of lawyers, mental health professionals and financial professionals to assist in reaching the best possible settlement.

Both mediation and collaborative divorce:

  • Prevent a lengthy and costly courtroom trial
  • Incorporate financial and mental health professionals
  • Allow the parties to work at their own pace
  • Fashion creative solutions to complex problems
  • Streamline the process

Westchester County Mediation and Collaborative Divorce Attorney

For nearly 30 years, we at Carton & Rosoff PC have helped clients reach optimal resolutions by offering a suite of alternative dispute resolution options. We are ready to work directly with you to understand your unique circumstances and to help you choose the process that works best for you and your loved ones.

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