Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce allows divorcing parties to resolve their differences out of court.  This helps to foster productive communication and to maintain a more positive environment for children.  With the goal of establishing a sound financial and emotional future, the collaborative divorce process rests on the following ideas:

  • Full disclosure
  • Non-adversarial representation
  • Creative, effective problem solving
  • Attention to the needs and interests of the divorcing parties
  • Attention to the needs and interests of the children involved

Experienced collaborative divorce attorneys at Carton & Rosoff PC are dedicated to making your collaboration work.

Collaborative Models

The collaborative divorce process offers the following models:

  • The legal model.  In this option, the two attorneys and the two divorcing parties enter into a participation agreement, which sets the protocol for a series of meetings addressing the marital and family issues.  Parties reach essential financial and child-related decisions, resulting in a legally binding separation and settlement agreement or uncontested divorce.
  • The interdisciplinary team model. The interdisciplinary team model of collaborative divorce utilizes attorneys, mental health professionals, and financial experts. Mental health professionals act as coaches for the parties, identifying and addressing psychological and emotional problems to facilitate a successful collaboration. Child specialists meet the children and give professional advice on parenting issues. Financial specialists provide economic counseling and information and assist with financial planning.

The collaborative divorce process allows the parties to dissolve their marriage amicably, without resorting to litigation.  The parties actively express their opinions and needs in a non-adversarial manner.  If the divorcing parties fail to reach an agreement, they must hire new lawyers to go to court, which can be very expensive and stressful.  Therefore, everyone on the team is committed to working together to achieve a win-win solution for the parties and their children.

Carton & Rosoff PC on Collaborative Divorce

Attorneys Robin Carton and David Rosoff have confidence in the benefits of collaborative divorce and strongly encourage its use when couples separate.  Their thorough understanding of New York family law makes them ideal representatives through the entire divorce process.  Trained in mediation, collaborative law, and family law, they keep your goals in mind at all times and help you move forward to the next phase of your life.

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