White Plains Prenuptial Agreements Lawyer

A prenuptial agreement should be seriously considered when the parties have significant premarital assets. While some people are ambivalent about prenuptial agreements and feel they can cast a pall upon a new marriage, such agreements can provide immense benefit to both parties. A postnuptial agreement has similar purposes and content, but it is entered into after the marriage has commenced.

A prenuptial agreement can allow a couple to define their own marriage and prioritize their personal goals. They can have significant control over the financial outcome of divorce rather than being subject to a court's determination of equitable distribution and spousal support. While it is possible to prepare your own prenuptial agreement, the process can be quite complex. If a challenge or issue arises that a prenuptial agreement does not anticipate or clearly define, that agreement could be ineffective or unenforceable.

Westchester County Postnuptial Agreement Lawyer

Since 1988, we have been serving New York clients by helping them create effective prenuptial and postnuptial agreements. We are ready to help you do the same.

Our work on postnuptial agreements includes:

  • Obtaining requisite financial disclosure
  • Identifying all the issues and explicitly documenting each resolution
  • If appropriate, using a collaborative legal process

We are prepared to use our comprehensive family law knowledge to create effective postnuptial agreements.

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