Help With Legal Separation in White Plains and Westchester County

Some couples may consider a legal separation rather than a divorce. Personal, religious, or financial reasons may cause a couple to believe that legal separation is the correct route. An experienced attorney at the White Plains firm of Carton & Rosoff PC can assist you in creating a legally binding separation agreement that meets your needs.

A separation agreement is an enforceable contract. Your legal separation can cover such issues as:

  • Dividing assets, property, and debts
  • Spousal maintenance
  • Child support
  • Child custody and visitation

An attorney can also bring a court action for a formal decree of legal separation. If you are considering a White Plains separation or divorce, an attorney at our firm can guide you in making the correct decision for you.

Benefits of a Legal Separation

There is no doubt that a divorce changes lives dramatically. A legal separation may be preferable in some situations. Benefits of a legal separation may include:

    • The parties may continue to file joint income taxes.
    • Health insurance benefits are maintained if you are separated rather than divorced.

    Representation in Divorce or Separation in Westchester County

    If you have questions about legal separation or divorce in White Plains or Westchester County, contact Carton & Rosoff PC today to discuss your concerns. Our skilled and compassionate attorneys are waiting for your call.