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Resolving issues related to a high net worth divorce

New Yorkers know that often overcoming a divorce is not easily accomplished. Along with emotional upheaval and deconstructing finances, other pressing issues cloud the divorce picture. The couple may feel bitter and resentful toward each other while ensuring that all legal issues are resolved.

Division of the marital property, child custody, child support and alimony are some of the major issues facing divorcing Westchester County couples. Family laws ensure equitable distribution of assets and property between the couple so that the non-earning spouse does not face financial difficulties after the split. Hence, an equal split of marital property is a very important goal for non- or lower-income earning spouse.

However, the legal issues of a high-asset divorce increase exponentially due to the large number of assets owned by the couple. A high-net worth couple can have business assets, offshore accounts, a substantial investment portfolio or own a successful business outright. These assets need to be valued and allocated fairly during a divorce. Rigorous and an in-depth analysis and valuation may also be required to identify and quantify all marital property before division.

A frequent issue of high-asset divorces is hiding assets. Due to the large amount of property owned by both spouses, it is possible that either spouse does not want to share certain property and will hide or transfer this property to a friend or family member. Divorce asset professionals can help discover any hidden asset or property.

New York couples are no stranger to notoriety or wealth so local couples may prefer to resolve any financial issues by mediation to ensure confidentiality and an amicable solution. However, the method applied to settle divorce issues differs from case to case and a couple may discover that professional advice may be the best method suited to producing the desired outcome.

To learn more about how our firm approaches these cases, please visit our high-asset divorce website.

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