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Prenuptial agreements are not limited to high asset couples

A prenuptial agreement has traditionally been used in a high-asset divorce to identify and protect the wealth of a richer spouse before a marriage takes place. Currently, prenuptial agreements are being more frequently drawn up in many states across the country, including New York, because future spouses have equal financial status. In these cases, spouses have established careers and amassed significant wealth and sometimes have children from earlier marriages.

Where to find divorce mediation services in New York

Divorce does not have to be ugly. To many people, this may seem unlikely, but two spouses can separate amicably and even remain on cordial terms after. The trick is deciding how. Divorce mediation is probably the best way. This alternative to the traditional litigated divorce is fast becoming an accepted method throughout the country, including in New York.

Who is eligible to receive child support?

Many New York residents would agree that divorce is especially hard on the children. While spouses can look forward to a new life, the children are usually fearful about their future. They often wonder about who will take care of them. In addition, the custodial parent may be struggling after a divorce to make ends meet. Therefore, in the best interests of the child, the court may order the noncustodial parent to pay child support.

Handling child custody cases thoughtfully can make divorce easier

Many parents in New York may find that divorce tends to affect children more than adults, often influencing children's later intimate relationships. If their parents are fighting, children often feel insecure, anxious and sad. The feelings can become heightened if a couple fights over child custody. In most cases, it is better for parents to reach a decision before their divorce enters a courtroom, but sometimes this is not possible and a judge must make child custody decisions with the best interests of the children in mind.

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