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Accurate financial reporting in high asset divorce cases

Any New Yorker going through a divorce should know that his or her financial picture will be closely analyzed and even dissected by the opposing attorney. The chances of greater and more exacting financial scrutiny are higher in high net worth divorce cases, because more money is at stake.

What are the benefits of divorce mediation?

Many New York residents may agree that divorce raises a lot of negative emotions, such as anger, frustration and desperation. However, a lot of this negativity can be filtered out if the spouses behave cordially to each other. For many New York couples, divorce mediation has turned out to be a feasible option. What is divorce mediation and what are its benefits?

Points to remember in a high asset divorce

Divorce in New York and across the country is usually an emotional and complex legal matter. New York couples with high net worth often find that their wealth and assets compound the complexity and intensity of divorce issues. With so much at stake, spouses may act irrationally, and sometimes against their own interests. A financial error, no matter how simple, can cost a spouse dearly in a high asset divorce.

Child custody hearings in New York

Divorce can come as a shock to the children of the separating spouses. As their parents squabble, the children often feel disheartened and lonely. Normally, courts throughout the country, including those here in New York, expect parents to come up with a child custody plan between themselves and then the judge will approve the plan without a custody hearing.

Child support modification attorneys of New York

New York divorce may seem final. However, the family's situation may change drastically after a divorce. If circumstances change, spousal support, child support and child custody may need to be revised to fit the new situation. New York family courts allow child support, spousal support and custody modifications, provided that the applicant is able to qualify for a modification.

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