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How can spouses safeguard property in high asset divorces?

The financial aspects in a divorce settlement can be a difficult challenge for any couple. The financial battles are naturally multiplied when either or both parties in a divorce have amassed large amounts of wealth, either prior to the marriage or during the course of the marriage. In most cases, the marital joint assets acquired during the marriage period are subject to equal distribution between the ex-spouses.

In several cases; however, New Yorkers have found that high asset divorces can become especially complex when there are allegations that one of the spouses makes an effort to hide his or her assets during the divorce proceedings. This is often done to dupe the other spouse of the marital joint property, illegal under New York state law. When faced with such complicated acrimonious assets, the attorneys in Carton & Rosoff PC often consult professional financial consultants to help find additional assets hidden by the other spouse.

All financial assets, including assets such as the family home and other real estate properties, stocks and bonds as well as shares in other companies, cars and other property is subject to distribution under the law, per the instructions of the family court judge.

In some high assets cases involving celebrities, or cases where the spouses prefer to keep things private and away from the media, experienced family attorneys can suggest amicable distribution settlements by going through arbitration or divorce mediation proceedings instead of the traditional court system, which can often be acrimonious and subject to media exposure.

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