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Mediating NY divorce is about cooperation and communication

We believe that divorce can truly be an open and clear discussion about two parties parting and going their separate ways. This is why some divorcing couples choose the divorce mediation process. When there are children involved, the mediation process is even more important. This is because children in the middle of a divorce need all the support and positivity possible during this time of change. If parents are able to divorce in a way that is cooperative and civil, it will do the children a great service.

Divorce mediation is a dispute resolution process fashioned for divorce in which both spouses meet with a mediator. The mediator remains neutral and neither advises nor represents either party, which results in a open and productive discussion.

What the mediator does is to facilitate open and productive discussion so that the parties can create an agreement that serves their them and their family. Mediation is great for child custody arrangements, asset division and any other issue facing couples who decide to divorce.

As you may be able to tell from the process, it can be much less painful than traditional litigation. Since the mediator essentially lets the two parties do all the talking it allows each to voice their concerns in a safe and open platform for discussion. The mediator only steps in when he deems it necessary to fruitful discussion and to further agreement. Obviously, if you are getting a divorce, you have issue with your current spouse that need to get addressed.

However, this shouldn't stop you from moving through the dispute resolution in a calm and collected manner that enables communication rather than anger and grudges. Mediation is best for assigning child custody arrangements and other disputes you and your spouse may have.

It might be a good idea to keep mediation in mind as you decide how to approach your divorce proceeding and related agreements. To learn more about this process and other divorce method options, check out our law firm's website.

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