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Divorce mediation collaborative and mutually beneficial option

Some perceive the divorce process to be a combative and an all-or-none game focused on selfish needs and 'punishing' the other spouse. The reality is that most New York couples that chose to divorce want a stress-free and communicative experience that is fair to both parties. There is a better way for real couples to proceed with divorce in a way that keeps everyone's sanity intact. It is called mediation and it is a method that can cover issues such as child custody and asset division.

How do I estimate New York child support payments?

As many parents of New York children already know, the financial costs of rearing a child can be quite a drain to the bank account. When parents of a child are living apart, the costs can be even more exorbitant. Understanding how financial support functions in supporting and raising a child is important. There are ways that child support is designed to function, and certain factors can increase or decrease the amount of child support owed to the custodial parent.

Family business can be subject to New York divorce

A family business can be a wonderful thing for a family to share. However, things can get complicated when two parents who own a family business decide to split up. There are many assets, both personal and business assets, which may be considered martial property. And those items considered to be marital property are subject to personal situation. The professionals at Carton & Rosoff PC understand who to best allocate these assets toward a divorcing client's best interests.

NY alimony changes in 2016 affect high asset divorce

There are numerous financial considerations to make when a married couple ends their union. One of these is whether he or she will request spousal support. For some spouses, it might be essential to receive temporarily or permanent alimony to assist them in the post-divorce life.

Health insurance after New York divorce and post-property split

With the reform of healthcare, many New Yorkers have had questions about their coverage. Many are wondering how Obama-care affects them and their family. These questions are likely even more pertinent with the complex issues associated with divorce. Divorce changes everything financially, especially if you are a divorcee with children.

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