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Utilizing divorce mediation for equitable distribution

When people divorce in New York, it is generally not as simple as moving out and forgetting about the marriage. There are many issues that arise as people separate their lives. If the couple has a child, they will have to deal with child support, child custody and visitation. They may have to deal with spousal maintenance and almost every couple with have to divide their assets and debts during the divorce.

Chris Rock divorces wife after 20 years of marriage

Many New York fans of the comedian, Chris Rock, probably know that he filed for divorce from his long-time wife in 2014. Well, the couple has reportedly finalized their divorce. The couple has two minor children. They also have a third child who has resided with them since 2008.

Orders required to divide retirement accounts in a divorce

High-asset divorces can have many more complications than those with fewer assets. The more people have, the more they need to divide. Oftentimes simply valuing the property people own can be a complicated and time consuming process, and they may need various professionals to assist in the process.

The documents are needed for a child support hearing

Family dynamics throughout New York are very different. Even two families that seem to be the same are in fact unique. Parenting styles may be different and other problems may exist between the parents that others do not know about. That is why divorce is relatively common. Couples that divorce when they have children have many different issues that must be resolved.

What to do if a parent does not obey a custody order

There are many different views on how a child should be raised in New York. Child psychologists and other professionals have varying recommendations about what is best and those recommendations have changed over the years. Today, in general, children are raised differently than they were decades ago. However, as there are many different views, anyone can decide how to parent their child based on what they believe is best for them.

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