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Man jailed for owing nearly $225,000 in unpaid child support

Although it is dependent on several factors, spousal support is a key element in the aftermath of many divorces. The court uses many different factors to make a decision regarding the amount of child support paid and who is paying it, but one fact is true for all situations - you are entitled to receive the payments that were ordered. Unfortunately, as a recent child support case shows, this doesn't always happen.

A Mississippi man was arrested and is now facing nearly $225,000 in unpaid child support payments. Although the man was ordered to pay child support after he and his wife divorce in 2004, he failed to make the payments, eventually leading to his income being garnished. This, however, didn't work either; the man quit his job and went on the lam for five years, possibly working for his family's trucking business during that time. The wife has said that her ex-husband's failure to pay the full amount of support has led to her life being devastated. The man is currently in a county jail.

While this clearly represents a considerably messy matter of child support, it also underlines the importance of establishing a clear-cut and firm understanding of any type of spousal support. If your ex-spouse has been ordered to pay child support - no matter the amount - then you are entitled to those payments and need an ally on your side if they fall through. After all, child support payments are, as the name describes, put in place to help support the children. Without them, some single parents are unable to adequately care for their children, unfairly taking a toll on innocent lives.

Child support payments are a serious matter and although most situations play out much more smoothly than the above case, it's still important to know that you don't have navigate the situation alone. Seeking the assistance of a qualified attorney can help you understand every element of your divorce and serve as a strong support system if the post-divorce arrangements do not go as planned. For more information, please visit our child support page.

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