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A lawyer can help with divorce mediation in Westchester County

Not all divorces in Westchester County need to be contentious and go to court to be settled. Some couples might have issues that prevent them from continuing in marriage, but they can talk through their problems and come to a basic agreement regarding the end of the marriage. It does not even have to be "friendly" for the couple to benefit from divorce mediation, but they can be amicable and flexible to settle the matter without the money and time that accompanies many divorces. Mediation is particularly beneficial for couples who are experiencing financial challenges and do not want to spend any more than they have to spend to end the marriage and move on.

Mediation is a strategy to end the dispute and part ways without rancor. There is less stress, it is cheaper and it does not do as much potential damage as a conventional court case does. With mediation, the couple will meet with a mediator, who is a neutral voice and does not give advice nor representation to either of the parties. The idea is to encourage discussion and movement about divorce issues to formulate an agreement that is in the best interests of everyone.

Mediation is not just for the divorce itself, but it is also for the variety of subsets that are part of a divorce such as custody of children, support for the former spouse and children, distribution of property, handling any prenuptial agreements that might have been created prior to the marriage and more. Although the marriage might have ended because of disagreements, for couples still on reasonable terms, mediation has many benefits over a litigated divorce.

Having a mediator who is experienced and understands the variety of issues that have led to a couple parting ways can expedite the process and save money at the same time. Divorce mediation is of particular benefit for couples who are amenable to an open and productive discussion. If it does not work, there is always the alternative of going to court. To understand the benefits and process of divorce mediation, speaking to an experienced attorney is a good first step.

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