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Who pays medical costs in a child support order?

There are many daily costs that parents must provide for their children in New York. They must ensure that they are able to keep a roof over their heads, make sure that they have food to eat and have appropriate clothes to wear each day. There are also costs that are optional and occasional, such as extracurricular activities. There are also other, more important costs, such as medical costs.

Actor Keegan-Michael Key officially divorces his wife of 20 years

Many people in New York are probably familiar with the actor/comedian Keegan-Michael Key. Fans of his are also probably aware that he was going through a divorce. He recently finalized his divorce from his wife of 20 years and will be paying her a significant amount in both spousal support and in the property settlement. The actor has made a significant amount of money in his career and will be paying his ex-wife $34,000 per month for spousal maintenance, at a minimum. His ex-wife also received approximately $655,000 in assets.

When can grandparents have visitation rights with grandchildren?

There are many different family dynamics in New York. People within a family have different relationships with different family members as well. Sometimes grandparents see their grandchildren sparingly, while others may help raise their grandchildren. However, no matter how often grandparents see their grandchildren, most want to have a relationship with them no matter the strength of the relationship they have with the parents.

When can one deviate from the child support guidelines?

Parents in New York have to provide for their children's needs. They may budget and have a decent idea of how much money they spend on their children, but it is not always a specific amount that they spend each month. This works when the parents are together, but it doesn't always work as well when the parents are divorced. It is important that both parents contribute to the needs of the child and that is why there are child support orders.

Divorce mediators are very knowledgeable in divorce matters

Divorces in New York can be much more complicated than one may assume when they start the process. Some people may be focused on a couple of big issues, such as child custody and support, without realizing that there are other issues that may be just as complicated, such as asset division. They may also think that they are in for a big fight and will need to litigate the whole case. However, this is not necessarily true either. Couples can utilize divorce mediation to help them reach agreements.

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