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Matt Lauer reportedly close to finalizing divorce

Many people in New York are familiar with Matt Lauer, the long-time host of the "Today" show. Many people are also aware of the circumstances surrounding his firing from that show, as well as the reason that he is now going through a divorce from his wife of 19 years. The couple has three children as well as a very large estate due to Lauer's successful career. Reports have recently surfaced that the couple is now close to resolving the divorce. According to the reports, Lauer would be giving his soon-to-be ex-wife approximately $50 million in assets.

Guiding one through the complexities of child custody disputes

Parents in New York need to make many decisions for their children as they raise them. Some are simple decisions such as what the child will eat for lunch, but others are much more difficult. This is especially true when the child does not like the decision and makes life difficult for the parents. However, no matter what the child thinks, these tough decisions need to be made to ensure that the best interests of the child are being met.

What basic child support covers and what expenses can be added on

Raising children in New York is not always an easy job. First and foremost parents have to make sure that their children's needs are met, but there are many other decisions they need to make as well. These include which medical providers they will go to, what schools they will attend, what sports and activities they will participate in, what religion they will be raised in as well as many other decisions. This is in addition to making sure their children are following the rules of the house and doing what is expected of them.

Hedge fund manager in New York locked in contentious divorce

People in New York have varying levels of income and assets. Based on these incomes, people live very different lives. Some are able to live lavish lifestyles, live in expensive homes and take expensive vacations. Others make enough to get by, but may not be able to afford some of the extravagances that wealthy people can afford. Just like people's lifestyles are very different, people's divorces are also very different based on their income and assets.

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