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Matt Lauer reportedly close to finalizing divorce

Many people in New York are familiar with Matt Lauer, the long-time host of the "Today" show. Many people are also aware of the circumstances surrounding his firing from that show, as well as the reason that he is now going through a divorce from his wife of 19 years. The couple has three children as well as a very large estate due to Lauer's successful career. Reports have recently surfaced that the couple is now close to resolving the divorce. According to the reports, Lauer would be giving his soon-to-be ex-wife approximately $50 million in assets.

These assets would include a combination of a couple different properties and a lump sum payment of cash. Lauer does not seem to like the fact that he will be giving this much to his soon-to-be ex-wife, but wants the divorce to be done as opposed to dragging it out in court. High asset divorces such as this one can be very time consuming and complicated matters. Like Lauer's divorce, these types of divorces generally involve various pieces of property, investment accounts, retirement accounts, potentially businesses and other types of valuable assets.

It is not easy to even value these types of assets. So, generally, the couple will need to hire various professionals to determine the values. Then, once the values are known, the couple can start dividing the assets equitably between them. However, like Lauer, many couples also have children and must determine custody and visitation as well. These decisions can be just as complicated as the asset division, which can make these divorces extremely complicated matters.

Many couples in New York get divorced every year. While not many couples have as much in assets as Lauer and his wife, there are still many with significant assets which will need to be divided. Since these are complicated matters it is important for the people going through a divorce to understand the process and their rights throughout it.

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