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Do children have input in child custody determinations?

Parents in New York have to make many decisions for their children as they raise them. Early in children's lives parents make almost every decision for them and, slowly, as they grow older and mature, the children can make more of their own decisions. However, until the children are 18 years old generally the parents still have the final say on most major decisions. This is true whether parents are married or divorced, but if the parents are divorced which parent will have custody and decision-making authority for the children needs to be determined.

Paternity is required before receiving child support

Children in New York are born into different types of families. However, one thing is easy to determine at the time of a child's birth and that is the child's mother. Determining the child's father can be more difficult though as that is not immediately clear. There are different processes for doing this depending on the relationship of the parents. There is one process for determining paternity if the parents are married and a different one if the parents are unmarried at the time of the birth.

The main differences between mediation and collaborative divorce

There are many divorce cases each year in New York and each one is unique. Everyone's lives are different and so it follows that when people separate their lives through a divorce, the outcomes will also be different. Also, how people reach the final outcomes of their divorces differ as well. People can work out their differences on their own, they could use divorce mediation or the collaborative divorce process or people can litigate their differences and have a judge decide the outcome after a trial.

High profile New York divorce case officially ends

Many people may have been aware that the President's son, Donald Trump, Jr., has recently been going through a divorce from his wife of 13 years. According to recent reports, the case is now complete and the couple is officially divorced. The details of the settlement are unknown, as the case was sealed. However, the couple did state that they will be raising their five children together. While the financial details of the divorce are unknown, they must have taken time dividing their many assets.

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