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Custody and visitation are two different decisions

Raising children in New York can be an adventure. There are many issues that arise while parents raise their children and the different stages of a child's life result in different complications. However, there are two main things that parents do for their children. There are decisions that need to be made and parents also need to spend time with their children. The decisions include medical decisions, deciding where children will go to school and many other decisions. The other main thing is spending time with the children which can include many, many different activities.

Former member of the Fugees seeks to modify child support

There are many people in New York who were fans of the Fugees. The group had many hits together before going out on their own. Pras Michel was one of the members of the group. He is now trying to lower his child support obligation. He is currently ordered to pay $4,800 per month but is seeking to lower that to $500.

Who makes the final decisions in a divorce mediation?

During a marriage in New York, couples will have disagreements about various issues that arise or simply get on each other's nerves from time to time. The couples usually are able to work through these disagreements, but that is not always the cases and many couples go through divorces each year. The divorce usually results in even more disagreements about how the couple will divide their assets, decide custody and visitation with their children, determine child support and other issues.

Large inheritances can be kept separate in divorces

Throughout people's lives in New York they acquire various assets. Many of these assets come from what they earn through their incomes. So, the more people earn often times it means they will have more assets. These assets are more than just physical items they purchase or real property they buy. Assets also include bank accounts, investment accounts, retirement accounts, businesses and other types of assets.

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