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Considering mediation as a resource during divorce

The end of a marriage can be a difficult time for divorcing couples which is why they should be familiar with all of the family law resources available to help guide them through the process. Divorce mediation is one option for divorcing couples to consider in lieu of traditional divorce litigation which can be less time consuming, costly and acrimonious in some circumstances.

Child custody protections for parents on military deployment

There are many people in New York who are in the military. One of the requirements of being active in the military is that they will be deployed at some point in time. During these periods of time people will be stationed in different countries around the world and be separated from their families during that time. This can be difficult for anyone, but it may be very difficult for parents who must leave their children behind. If the parents are divorced or no longer with the other parent, it can also create child custody issues.

What is a cost of living adjustment and how is it applied?

There have been many changes in society in New York over the years and things continue to change. These changes are often seen in technology, which seems to be changing all the time. These technological advances can completely change life and lifestyles even over the course of just a decade. There are also other common changes as well and one of those is that the cost of living continues to go upward. Various products and services continue to become more expensive as the years pass.

Is mediation the right solution for your divorce?

Mediation is often an attractive decision for couples who are still on fairly amicable terms. During mediation, both parties will meet with an attorney who is there to help them reach an agreement. In this process, the attorney remains completely neutral and does not advise either party. The idea behind mediation is that each side will work together to come up with a solution. This way, you can avoid unnecessary conflicts, legal fees and stress on your family. However, mediation may not always be the best decision for every situation. 

Confidentiality of the divorce mediation process

When divorces start in New York, the couple can be in very different places in terms of their willingness to accept the process. They also may be in different places in terms of how they would like to resolve the divorce. Especially early on when emotions are running high, people may want to fight everything and not give the other one anything. However, most likely that will not happen and whether a judge orders it or the parties agree, both sides will most likely concede something.

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