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Understanding how child support may affect your legal case

If there are children from a relationship that is dissolving -- either through a divorce or if the parents were never married to begin with -- one crucial legal issue that will need to be addressed is child support. Of course, acknowledging that this issue needs to be addressed often does not make it any easier for those involved. New York residents need to know how child support issues will affect their legal cases.

Helpful tips when parents need to modify child support

Life can change following a divorce and the establishment of a child support order which is why the family law process accommodates the concerns parents may have. When life changes, such as a job loss, a change in household income, a change in marital status or a serious injury, a parent may require a child support modification.

What is a cost of living adjustment and how is it applied?

There have been many changes in society in New York over the years and things continue to change. These changes are often seen in technology, which seems to be changing all the time. These technological advances can completely change life and lifestyles even over the course of just a decade. There are also other common changes as well and one of those is that the cost of living continues to go upward. Various products and services continue to become more expensive as the years pass.

Parents must pay for health insurance separate from child support

Children in New York have many needs and parents are expected to pay for these needs while their children are in their care. These needs include food, shelter and clothing, but children also have health needs as well. They may need to go to the doctor for physicals and other routine procedures. Sometimes they unfortunately need more than that done and may require surgeries and other procedures which can be very costly for the family. However, these are costs that the parents must pay for as well.

Former member of the Fugees seeks to modify child support

There are many people in New York who were fans of the Fugees. The group had many hits together before going out on their own. Pras Michel was one of the members of the group. He is now trying to lower his child support obligation. He is currently ordered to pay $4,800 per month but is seeking to lower that to $500.

Paternity is required before receiving child support

Children in New York are born into different types of families. However, one thing is easy to determine at the time of a child's birth and that is the child's mother. Determining the child's father can be more difficult though as that is not immediately clear. There are different processes for doing this depending on the relationship of the parents. There is one process for determining paternity if the parents are married and a different one if the parents are unmarried at the time of the birth.

Calculating child support when a parent voluntarily quits a job

It is fairly common for parents in New York to not be together. This could be because they are divorced or because they were never married and ended their relationship. However, just because the relationship between the parents ended it does not mean that the parents' relationship with their children ends. They will always be their children's parents no matter how much they may not like the other parent. Being a parent includes providing love, affection and guidance and providing for the children's financial needs.

Parents can be required to pay child support for many years

When people get married and have children in New York generally they believe they will be together to raise the children. This means that they will share the responsibilities for guiding the children through life and providing for their financial needs. However, the reality is that some marriages end in divorce. Divorces can happen when the children are at any given age. It could be when they are young or it could be when they are about to graduate from high school or even from college.

Amounts deducted from income for child support

There are many things that parents provide for their children as they grow up. They provide love and emotional support, but also provide most of their children's financial support as well. In fact, parents are required to provide shelter, food and clothing to children until they are adults. Parents generally do this together when they are still married or living together, but when the couple is no longer together ensuring both parents provide can be more difficult, especially when one parent has the children more than the other.

Can courts deviate from the child support guidelines?

Parents in New York must care and provide for their children while they are minors. Some continue to provide for them after that age, but that is by their own choice rather than a legal obligation. As parents know, this obligation to care for their children can also be costly. Buying food, providing them with a home, buying clothes and other necessities can add up quickly. Then there are also medical costs, child care costs, extracurricular activities and other costs.

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