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A step-by-step list of child custody concerns

Each year, thousands of people get divorced in New York. For some people, there is a sudden event or breach of trust that results in a divorce. For others though, it is a gradual buildup that leads the couple to decide that they are better off apart. However, no matter what the cause of the divorce, when there are children from the relationship, a crucial part of the divorce process will be the issue of child custody.

Know the basics about child custody issues in New York

When a married couple in New York has children together and decides to get a divorce, emotions can get the better of all involved. After all, for most people with kids, their children are of paramount concern in their lives. Even with a divorce, parents want what is best for their children. That is why it is important for New York residents to know the basics about child custody legal issues.

Child custody protections for parents on military deployment

There are many people in New York who are in the military. One of the requirements of being active in the military is that they will be deployed at some point in time. During these periods of time people will be stationed in different countries around the world and be separated from their families during that time. This can be difficult for anyone, but it may be very difficult for parents who must leave their children behind. If the parents are divorced or no longer with the other parent, it can also create child custody issues.

Grandparents rights for visitation and custody of grandchildren

Family dynamics vary from family to family in New York. Sometimes two parents are married and raise their children together, sometimes parents are not married, but still raise their children together. Other times parents are not together or are divorced and have child custody arrangements. Sometimes a single parent raises the child because the other parent has passed away or was never in the child's life. Other times grandparents or other relatives raise the children because both parents are unable or unwilling to do so.

Custody and visitation are two different decisions

Raising children in New York can be an adventure. There are many issues that arise while parents raise their children and the different stages of a child's life result in different complications. However, there are two main things that parents do for their children. There are decisions that need to be made and parents also need to spend time with their children. The decisions include medical decisions, deciding where children will go to school and many other decisions. The other main thing is spending time with the children which can include many, many different activities.

Do children have input in child custody determinations?

Parents in New York have to make many decisions for their children as they raise them. Early in children's lives parents make almost every decision for them and, slowly, as they grow older and mature, the children can make more of their own decisions. However, until the children are 18 years old generally the parents still have the final say on most major decisions. This is true whether parents are married or divorced, but if the parents are divorced which parent will have custody and decision-making authority for the children needs to be determined.

Rapper files motion claiming ex-wife is violating custody order

Many people in New York are familiar with music by the rapper Nas, which he has been creating for many years. He is back in the news again, but it is not because of his music. This time he is in the news because he is back in court claiming his ex-wife is violating their child custody order by trying to move their son to Colombia. There have reportedly been many instances over the last year that she has brought their son there while she is starting a farm in that country.

Determining visitation schedules for non-custodial parents

In most situations, it is important that both parents have a role in children's lives in New York. This can be accomplished relatively easily when the parents live together and can see the children every day, but this is not an option when the parents are no longer together. In order to ensure that both parents can still be involved, even though it will not be at the same level they were before, there are generally visitation orders to ensure both parents can still be involved and see the children on a routine basis.

What are the differences between legal and physical custody?

There are many people who get divorced every year in New York and divorce seems to be getting more and more common. The outcomes of these divorces will vary and be unique depending on the specific circumstances of each couple's marriage. However, the major issues that the couples will have to work through are the same. They will have to make decisions about dividing their assets and debts, spousal maintenance, child custody, visitation and child support.

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