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What factors are used to determine child custody in New York?

There are many different parenting styles for parents in New York. There is not one right way to raise children and parents sometimes have different opinions about how to do it. This may lead to disagreements while people are married, but if they are divorced they either need to come to an agreement on which parent will have custody or a judge will have to decide which parent is better suited to have the children. Child custody decisions are not easy decisions, but it is a decision that has to be made.

What happens in a custody dispute if there is domestic violence?

Parenting children in New York is not always an easy job and it can be frustrating at times. This is also true of being in relationships and at times people are bound to have fights or lose their temper with family members. However, some people go beyond simply losing their temper and may physically assault them. This is not only illegal, but also very detrimental for the victims of the abuse both physically but also emotionally and mentally.

Obtaining temporary custody while the matter is pending

There are many situations that arise when two parents are no longer living together and need to split the parental duties. These situations usually arise in divorces or in child custody matters when the parents were never married. These types of cases can be very complicated though and generally take some time to complete as often times the parents do not agree on what the best plan is for the children.

Types of visitation to protect children in custody disputes

Once people in New York become parents they immediately have certain responsibilities whether they like it or not. They must care for their children and provide for their needs. However, some parents take this responsibility more seriously than others. Some parents may also have drug or alcohol addictions or untreated mental health conditions which affect their ability to properly care for their children.

Guiding one through the complexities of child custody disputes

Parents in New York need to make many decisions for their children as they raise them. Some are simple decisions such as what the child will eat for lunch, but others are much more difficult. This is especially true when the child does not like the decision and makes life difficult for the parents. However, no matter what the child thinks, these tough decisions need to be made to ensure that the best interests of the child are being met.

What to expect at a child custody hearing

One of the duties of parents in New York is to make decisions regarding their children's well-being. When the children are younger, this includes making decisions about what they are going to eat and wear each day. While some of these types of daily decisions will change as the children get older, there are certain decisions that parents must make no matter how old the children are at the time.

Establishing paternity is very important for unwed fathers

Children in New York are born into many familial situations. Some are born to parents who are married and sometimes the parents are not married. Being born to fathers who are not married to the mother does not mean that the fathers are not the biological fathers, but in order to be recognized as the legal fathers, they must establish paternity first.

Are women favored in a child custody dispute in New York?

For a long time in New York, women were generally as seen as the caretakers for children and the men would provide for the family financially. This line of thinking has definitely changed over the years and roles are much different than they used to be. However, there is still a notion that the mother will be favored over the father in child custody disputes. This is generally because there are still stereotypes that mothers care for the children better than men.

Using forensic evaluations in a child custody dispute

There are many difficulties that parents in New York face while raising children. There are many choices that need to be made and every child is different. What works for one child may not work for another child. Because of this fact, there is not just one right way to be a parent. Oftentimes, each parent may even have different ideas on how to handle certain situations. Many times, the parents will compromise on what to do, but this is not always the case, especially when the parents are going through a divorce or are separated.

Requirements for modifying a child custody order

There are many decisions that parents in New York must make for their children as they raise them. This includes the day-to-day decisions, such as what they are going to eat or what activities they will participate in during the day. These decisions also include long-term decisions, such as what schools they will go to, what religion they will be raised in and medical decisions as well. When parents are divorced, which parent makes these decisions is governed by child custody orders.

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