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Ewan McGregor files for divorce and child custody may be an issue

There are many people in New York who are familiar with actor Ewan McGregor, who has acted in many movies and television shows over the years. But, many people may not know that the actor was married for 22 years and recently filed for divorce. He and his wife have been separated for a number of months, but McGregor just filed the divorce. In his divorce papers he is seeking joint child custody of his three minor children. However his wife is seeking sole physical custody while granting McGregor visitation with the children.

How military deployment affects child custody

People in New York have many different jobs and some of those jobs require the person to travel. This can be hard on both children and parents, but travel for most jobs is usually relatively short-term. However, those in the military have a very unique job and when they have to travel, they are usually gone for many months and even years at a time. Therefore, military deployment creates a very difficult situation when parents have joint child custody and the parent in the military has parenting time.

What can one do if the other parent violates a custody order?

There are many parents in New York who have custody and visitation orders. These orders can be in place for many years and things change over the years. Everyone also has different types of relationships with the other parent. Some can work well together, and when different issues arise they can work through it to do what is best for the children. Others cannot work together, and refuse to agree to adjustments when they are needed from time to time, but still follow the order.

When can grandparents have visitation rights with grandchildren?

There are many different family dynamics in New York. People within a family have different relationships with different family members as well. Sometimes grandparents see their grandchildren sparingly, while others may help raise their grandchildren. However, no matter how often grandparents see their grandchildren, most want to have a relationship with them no matter the strength of the relationship they have with the parents.

How a parent's drug or alcohol abuse can affect child custody

Drug and alcohol abuse can have severe consequences for parents in New York, including effecting their relationship with their children. If the parent is going through a divorce or child custody matter it can also affect their ability to have custody of their children. There are a number of factors that are analyzed when determining which parent will have custody, and one of these factors is whether the parent abuses alcohol or drugs. These abuses can also affect how some of the other factors are analyzed as well.

Are custody and visitation always decided together?

Raising children is a very important job for parents. The relationships that parents have with their children are also very important to both the parents and the children. So, when parents go through a divorce, one of the most important issues that they must resolve is child custody and visitation. These issues ultimately determine who will make the decisions regarding the children's upbringing and when each parent will see the children.

Co-parenting during the school year after a divorce

Summer is coming to an end, and this means back-to-school time for children in White Plains. It's a time of excitement, with the prospects of seeing old friends, meeting a new teacher and anticipating what they will learn this year. However, for children whose parents have gone through a divorce, going back to school can be stressful. They have to adjust to living in two households, their normal routines may have been uprooted and if they had to move to a new home they may be nervous about starting at a new school. Parents in White Plains need to work together to ensure they can accommodate the changes the new school year brings.

Can a custodial parent relocate with a child?

There are many parents in New York who are divorced. However, as they know just because you are no longer married, they are still parents. This means that, in most situations, both parents will continue to be involved in the children's lives and see the children. However, the relationship is now governed by a child custody order. These orders state which parent will be making decisions for the child and also generally set a parenting time schedule for the parents.

Determining child custody in a New York divorce

One of the most daunting questions facing a person contemplating a divorce is child custody. Fortunately, state law provides guidelines to resolve child custody disputes, if the divorcing parents cannot agree. This post will describe the different types of custody and summarize the legal criteria for deciding custody disputes.

What is meant by best interests of the child in New York?

New York couples who have parted ways but share a child will often have to navigate who will be the custodial parent, how the visitation rights will be handled, and deal with a custody dispute. There are certain terms that are used during this process that might be confusing to a vast number of parents. Included is the "best interests of the child." This is of paramount importance when the court decides on the case.

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