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Man jailed for owing nearly $225,000 in unpaid child support

Although it is dependent on several factors, spousal support is a key element in the aftermath of many divorces. The court uses many different factors to make a decision regarding the amount of child support paid and who is paying it, but one fact is true for all situations - you are entitled to receive the payments that were ordered. Unfortunately, as a recent child support case shows, this doesn't always happen.

Did you know January is unofficially "Divorce Month?"

The holiday season often plays an important role for spouses in a marriage on the ropes. With parties and dinners among family and friends, it is often difficult to hide any animosity or friction between each spouse during these times. If children are involved, the spouses may try to seem like everything is copasetic in an effort to not spoil the holidays for the kids. And then real moment of truth often comes on New Year's Eve, a time often spent reflecting on the past year and looking forward and determining what the future brings.

How military deployment affects child custody

There are many people from New York who are in the military. Being in the military is a big commitment, which often times leads to one being stationed in places away from the United States, or in the U.S., but not in the city where the military member lives. This can take soldiers, sailors and airmen away from their lives, including family and friends. Many of these people also have children and are not able to be with them while they are deployed.

How domestic violence affects child custody in New York

Most couples in New York get into fights during their relationship. For the most part, these fights are verbal and do not escalate beyond words. This is true for punishing children for wrongdoing as well. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, and sometimes, the fight or punishment results in a physical altercation with one spouse hitting or committing another type of assault on the other one or on the child.

Chris Rock divorces wife after 20 years of marriage

Many New York fans of the comedian, Chris Rock, probably know that he filed for divorce from his long-time wife in 2014. Well, the couple has reportedly finalized their divorce. The couple has two minor children. They also have a third child who has resided with them since 2008.

What to do if a parent does not obey a custody order

There are many different views on how a child should be raised in New York. Child psychologists and other professionals have varying recommendations about what is best and those recommendations have changed over the years. Today, in general, children are raised differently than they were decades ago. However, as there are many different views, anyone can decide how to parent their child based on what they believe is best for them.

Determining which parent will have custody of a child in New York

Raising children in New York is not always an easy task. When parents live together they often times share in the responsibilities of raising the child as well as sharing in the joys the child brings as well. When parents divorce they no longer live together and no longer are able to share in the day to day responsibilities. However, both parents may still want to parent the child, but they may not agree on how this should be accomplished.

The basics of a child custody hearing in New York

Raising a child in New York is never easy. That is why it is important, in many situations, that both parents take an active role in raising the child and providing for the child. This is easier when the couple is together and are both there most days. It can be more difficult when the parents are no longer in a relationship and no longer live together.

How someone besides a child's parents can get custody

There are many family dynamics in New York. Some families consist of a married mother and father living in the same home, some families have divorced parents or parents who were never married in the first place. Sometimes other relatives take care of the children due to issues the child's parents are going through. These types of situations can create some legal complications for the relatives taking care of the children though.

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