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When parents are unhappy, divorce may be best decision for kids

Parents in New York understand the desire to do anything to avoid hurting their children. Whether it is emotional or mental damage that they fear, parents work hard to keep a safe and happy household environment. Although this is ideal, it is difficult to maintain such an environment when a married couple no longer gets along. Many attempt to work through their problems for the children, but an emotional and hostile household might not be the best setting for a child.

New Yorkers using mediation during a "get crisis"

A marriage is sometimes thought of as a team, with both spouses working together to accomplish their goals. The same is true for parenthood. Both parents focus on the best interest of their child and work together to raise their child properly, with support and love. Although teamwork is aspirational for a marriage and parenthood, New York couples understand that those same skills can be applied to the divorce process. Even though a couple can no longer remain together in their union, it does not mean that their ability to collaborate is lost. Mediation is often a resourceful way to resolve divorce issues while also reaching an amicable agreement.

Frankel and husband still working toward divorce agreement

Couples in New York understand that marital problems can become life-altering. Most like to keep these issues private, but this is not easily done for high-profile couples. Often, the media and tabloids will cover their marital problems. This could lead to complex issues while the celebrity couple deals with their high-asset divorce.

Study: many parents don't receive full amount of child support

Getting divorced when you have children can be a complicated issue, especially regarding your finances. Child support can be a contested issue for many families. Things can become more complicated when ex-spouses no longer get along or when one spouse doesn't pay the court ordered child support. 

Post-divorce scheduling problems? There's an app for that

As noted in a recent New York Times article, divorce “can be a hard and messy business” when kids are involved. Although that is certainly not always the case in New York or elsewhere, marital dissolution often features multiple issues centered on children, most typically considerations related to child custody/visitation and child support.

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