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White Plains Adoption Lawyers Aid Prospective Parents

Caring New York attorneys represent clients in Westchester, Putnam and Rockland counties

Initiating the adoption process to add a child to your family is a life-changing experience, but it can be a process fraught with frustration. Retaining a seasoned family lawyer gives you the ability to overcome the obstacles that can delay or even stop the placement. Whether you’re looking to adopt domestically or are interested in a child from another country, the White Plains lawyers of Carton & Rosoff PC can help maximize the likelihood of a positive outcome. From start to finish, we take the time to learn about your particular circumstances and guide you toward the type of placement that best suits your situation. Our attorneys are dedicated to preparing prospective parents for each stage of their adoption journey.

Knowledgeable firm assists with domestic and international placements

Serving families throughout the Hudson Valley and in New York City, we are skillful legal counselors who assist a diverse group of clients, including stepparents and same-sex couples looking to adopt. Our seasoned family lawyers know the stress and anticipation you’re feeling and will assist with all types of tasks, including:

  • Completing required documents — Due to the enormous responsibility associated with parenting, an extensive background check is required. We prepare the necessary application for adoption and advise clients as they evaluate public and/or private adoption agencies.
  • Preparing for home study — Several meetings and training sessions occur so that agencies and the state can determine if applicants will provide an appropriate environment for the child they seek to adopt. Though it is always best to be open and honest with caseworkers during these encounters, our firm works to relieve the uncertainty and anxiety associated with these visits.
  • Pursuing available subsidies — Children who are older or might be affected by a disability can be more difficult to place. To promote such placements, adoption agencies may provide monthly subsidies to adoptive parents. Our firm will review the circumstances and advise on these payments and other programs, such as Medicaid, that might ease the financial burden.
  • Finalizing the placement — Once the child is placed in the adoptive home, there is at least a three months’ supervision period before the adoption is legally finalized. In total, the process takes several months and sometimes years, especially if the adoption is international and/or there are unexpected complications.

As experienced family law attorneys, we understand both the letter of the law and the effects that certain decisions might have on the clients we serve. That understanding allows us to provide strong support and compassionate direction tailored to your specific needs.

Legal counselors explain the difference between open and closed adoptions

One critical choice that prospective parents must make is whether to pursue an adoption that is open or closed or a hybrid representing some aspects of both types. Open adoption refers to a situation where adoptive parents exchange information or photos and typically maintain contact with birth parents following the placement. How extensive the communications will be is up to the parties. Though the overall trend has been toward open adoptions, some families still prefer the closed process where neither side is given any information about the other. We take a close look at clients’ needs and help them determine which type of placement works best for their unique situation.

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Carton & Rosoff PC assists prospective parents with all types of adoption issues in Westchester and Rockland counties as well as other locations in the greater New York City area. Please call 914-949-6700 or contact us online to set up a meeting regarding your particular situation. Our office is located in White Plains.

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