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Westchester Family Lawyers Work to Obtain Appropriate Modifications

Creative advocates serve clients throughout the Hudson Valley region

After a divorce, life goes on for everyone involved. That means that significant changes often occur after a judgment or order was entered, and those changes could alter whether a decision on custody, child support or alimony is appropriate. Located in White Plains, Carton & Rosoff PC represents clients throughout the Hudson Valley and New York City who seek modifications to existing family law orders. Whether you are requesting a revision based on changed circumstances or looking to prevent a relocation or some other change, we make sure that you have the information you need to correct terms that are unfair or defeat an unwarranted modification request.

White Plains firm seeks revisions to custody and support orders

In Westchester, Rockland, Putnam and Dutchess counties as well as other parts of the New York metropolitan area, we advise clients on possible modifications to terms addressing:

  • Child custody — A parent who intends to pursue modification of child custody terms has to show that a substantial change in circumstances has occurred in order to justify a hearing. As in other custody determinations, whether a requested revision will be granted is based on what the court considers to be in the child’s best interests. This standard leaves much room for judicial interpretation so you should find a proven family law attorney with a deep background handling these issues.
  • Child support — Revisions to the state’s Domestic Relations Law over the past decade have given courts more flexibility to adjust child support terms. Modification is now permitted when there is a substantial change in circumstances, income rises or falls by at least 15 percent or three years have passed since the prior order was entered. Our firm evaluates the situation for paying and recipient parents and assists them whether they seek to file or oppose a petition for modification.
  • Spousal support — Many factors can affect the propriety of spousal support guidelines. A job loss, romantic relationship or medical crisis could justify an alimony modification. When necessary, we examine relevant facts and see if the new arrangements should affect the existence, amount or duration of spousal maintenance payments.

Determining whether to adjust an existing order is a significant step for a judge, so you want an experienced advocate making the case for you. Our accomplished family law attorneys arm you with the knowledge you need to make key decisions with confidence.

New York attorneys handle relocation matters for divorced parents

Establishing proper parenting time arrangements can be a difficult and contentious process. Even when both parties agree on the importance of maintaining strong bonds between a child and both parents, conflicts over visitation, transportation and holidays might arise. If a parent with primary residential custody wishes to relocate due to a job change, health issue or some other circumstance, the situation can heat up quickly. We use our experience and perspective to examine what is best for your son and daughter and try to find creative, mutually agreeable solutions whenever possible. When no agreement can be reached on relocation, a change in the amount of time the child spends in each home or other custody concerns, our attorneys deliver well-supported arguments in court.

Contact a proven New York family lawyer regarding a proposed order modification

Carton & Rosoff PC assists clients throughout the Hudson Valley and New York City in circumstances where one party is seeking the modification of an existing family law order. Whether the terms relate to custody, visitation, alimony or child support, please call 914-949-6700 or contact us online to schedule a consultation at our White Plains office.

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