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Child Custody

White Plains Custody Lawyers Protect Children’s Best Interests

Experienced New York advocates strive to create a supportive environment

It’s easy to understand the turmoil that children experience when their parents divorce, but identifying and implementing appropriate custody solutions can be much more difficult. At these times, parents and children need someone to represent their interests effectively. At Carton & Rosoff PC, our White Plains lawyers represent clients in custody and visitation proceedings throughout Westchester and the surrounding counties. In each situation, we review the relevant circumstances exhaustively and provide strong counsel so that young people can grow up in a healthy environment.

Skilled attorneys serve as guardians ad litem during divorce and separation

During some Family Court proceedings, New York attorneys are designated to advocate on behalf of children who are affected by the litigation. In cases related to legal authority, residence and parenting time, our lawyers have been appointed guardians ad litem for children in Westchester and Putnam counties over the course of more than 30 years. We serve as a voice for the children in court and advocate for their interests in the same manner as counsel for the parents.

In her fourth term serving as president of the Law Guardian Association of Westchester County, Ms. Carton is proud to lead an attorney organization committed to advocating for the interests of children. Westchester County and Putnam County Supreme and Surrogate’s courts have designated both Ms. Carton and Mr. Rosoff as guardians and guardians ad litem. Regardless of the particular conflicts in your divorce or separation, we are experienced family law attorneys who put the needs of your children first.

Legal counselors assist parents on issues of legal authority and residence

When parents divorce, we deliver comprehensive advice and advocacy on all aspects of New York custody law, including:

  • Legal and physical custody — There are two aspects to custody decisions. Legal custody refers to the authority that parents have over key matters affecting their children, such as decisions regarding their education, upbringing, religion and medical care. Often, legal custody is granted jointly regardless of physical custody terms that determine where the child should reside. We use our background in this area to pursue personalized solutions if there are disagreements about where a child should live and go to school.
  • Factors — Any parent knows that their sons and daughters are complex, so various factors can affect a decision as to what is in a child’s best interests. These can include the fitness of each parent, health concerns, stability, educational needs, previous instances of neglect or abuse, and anything else that the court deems relevant.
  • Visitation — Unless noncustodial parents are deemed a danger to their children, noncustodial parents should maintain frequent, meaningful contact with their children. Whatever hurdles might exist, we strive to develop thorough visitation plans that address all relevant concerns so that disputes can be avoided.

Every parent’s first priority should be the well-being of their children. As dedicated professionals, we seek to address these vital custody matters through negotiation, mediation and collaboration whenever possible.

Knowledgeable Westchester County advisers handle child support concerns

Regardless of their marital situation or whether they ever wed at all, each parent bears a legal and moral responsibility to help meet their child’s financial needs. In New York, child support rates when combined annual parental income is up to $148,000 are set based on a series of factors including the number of children and health insurance premiums costs. Payments must be made until a son or daughter is 21, but we can handle additional provisions for higher education expenses and cases where the parents’ income exceeds the level set by statute. If a noncustodial parent isn’t making full, timely payments, or if a substantial change justifies a change in the child support rate, our firm takes prompt action.

Effective litigators pursue appropriate modifications

As children grow and parents’ lives change, custody and visitation arrangements might need to be changed as well. If the custodial parent seeks to relocate or an existing parenting time schedule no longer serves the child’s best interests, a modification of an existing order can be requested. Whether the proposed adjustment is triggered by job opportunity, health condition or a young person’s changing preferences, we’ll assess if a revision is likely to be acceptable and advocate for an appropriate result.

Contact a dedicated White Plains child custody attorney for a consultation

Carton & Rosoff PC advises clients in Westchester, Rockland, Putnam and Dutchess counties on various child custody and visitation concerns. Whether you’re going through a divorce or are involved in a modification action relating to an existing order, please call 914-949-6700 or contact us online to make an appointment. Our office is located in White Plains.

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