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New York family courts bogged down by low number of judges

Recent reports claim that family court cases, including child custody cases, have been facing prolonged lags across New York over the past few years. The main culprit is a strained legal system - a combination of an influx of cases and a stagnant number of judges.

Movie star Halle Berry's child support settlement approved

If a couple decides to end their marriage, it is desirable that they come to an agreement on the legal matters, including alimony and child support. Even when both partners are wage-earners, the court arbitrating the divorce requires parents to establish who will have custody of their children and who is responsible for paying child support. Accordingly, if the responsible partner defaults on paying child support, he or she is liable to be prosecuted and penalized as residents of Westchester, New York, likely know.

New York peaceful divorce usually includes divorce mediation

The general perception regarding a divorce, whether in Duchess County, New York, or elsewhere, is a picture of all-round acrimony, with even the children being affected emotionally. Sometimes, there might be a fierce court battle for custody or alimony, with neither partner willing to concede the slightest inch. Of late, however, couples appear to be bucking this trend. Notably, there are already some celebrity cases where a couple has been amicable in resolving divorce issues.

Man jailed in New York for failure to pay child support

According to authorities, a Florida businessman has recently been jailed in Orange County, New York for failing to pay child support as well as spousal support worth an estimated $450,000 to his ex-wife and children, who live separately. The businessman is charged in a separate federal case with defaulting on child support obligations in the amount of nearly $160,000. He has been incarcerated in the Orange County Jail. Bail has been set at $30,000.

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