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Father gains child custody by making healthier life choices

Sigmund Freud once said, "I cannot think of any need in childhood as strong as the need for a father's protection." Many fathers, however, are not there to protect their children because they do not have custody of them. In some cases, this is because the father has a history of drug abuse or criminal charges and has been deemed unfit for child custody.

What are the child support enforcement laws in New York?

Many non-custodial parents in New York have in the recent times tried to evade paying court-ordered child support. Such evasive and delinquent financial behavior can lead to the children of the non-custodial parent living in poverty along with the custodial parent. New York authorities have taken strident steps to ensure such behavior is prohibited and therefore avoided.

High asset divorce cases often need special care and attention

With national divorce rates said to be hovering around 50 percent, most people understand this to be a reality for many couples even after decades of marriage. What can be somewhat surprising is just how rancorous divorce proceedings can become when a couple has substantial financial assets. Great wealth can make parting spouses less willing to negotiate if they feel they will not get their fair share of property and assets.

What factors are considered for child custody in New York?

Child custodial issues are often one of the most complex and difficult cases in family law. The courts usually look into various factors to determine child custodial issues. The State of New York prescribes a test determining the best interest of the child for judges to decide child custodial issues.

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