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What issues can a divorce help me settle?

Everyone knows that divorce can totally reshape a family dynamic. Yet, with emotions running on high, it might be confusing to figure out what, exactly, a divorce can do for you. So, what issues can actually be resolved through divorce? Before we get to that, we should mention that although it may seem like marriage dissolution is a traumatic and drama-filled activity, it can actually be a healing activity that resolves issues that have long-awaited to be addressed.

Divorce mediation can address family issues that have persisted for months or even years without the negative animosity often associated with full-blown litigation. Issues such as property division, child custody, and alimony are serious decisions that must be finalized during a divorce. This can be done through negotiation between the divorcing couple and their legal representation, or the decision can be court-ordered, meaning a judge decides what he or she thinks is best. Child support and a visitation schedule can help clear up each parent's responsibilities and obligations to each other in order to best raise the child or children they have together, and these matters can certainly be addressed during the divorce process.

Keep in mind that just because these agreements have been made or even court ordered, it doesn't mean that the other person will follow through with the agreement. When it comes to these issues, most parents are going to do the best that they can for their son or daughter's sake and to keep themselves financially afloat. However, some parents need reminding from time-to-time about the agreement, which may require additional legal action

If parents have been separated for a while, a divorce can offer a much awaited resolution to the conflict. Remember that divorce can be a part of the healing process, if you let it. Emotions will likely run high, but keep your focus on the end goal and, hopefully, the heartache of going through the process will be worth it.

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