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Valuation of complex assets key to New York high asset divorce

After many years together, married couples often have a lot of history between them. Sometimes that history includes many high-value assets, 401(k) or even a family business. Situations where the finances are so expansive may scare couples away from the divorce that they so desperately need. However, Carton & Rosoff PC has the answers to the tough financial questions that could help divorcing wealthy couples.

What is joint custody and how can I obtain it for my family?

Divorce is a time of significant change, especially for families in New York and elsewhere. Many parents wonder what this change in family life will mean for the relationship between parent and child. Custody arrangements are necessary to be made in these matters, and it is important to begin these conversations with your spouse as soon as possible. If both parents are fit and able to be parents, joint custody is a great option for a family's child custody arrangement.

Failure to pay court ordered child support is a serious issue

Households come in many shapes and sizes these days. For many kids, a split-parent household is their reality. While it may provide all the emotional support he or she needs, children also require financial support in order to provide sufficiently for them. This is why court ordered child support exists - to help address the financial burden that raising a child can have on one parent's shoulders.

Older couples divorcing more frequently than years passed

Everyone knows that divorce rates are high in the state of New York. The national average claims that roughly 50 percent of marriages end in divorce. But what other kind of trends are happening with divorce? One recent development is the increase in divorces for men and women over age 50. More and more couples are deciding to split after many years of marriage and children raised between them.

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