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How mediation can help resolve issues surrounding children

Many residents in New York might have the notion that divorces are highly contested and have the tendency to get really ugly. While some of that might be true, it is not always that way and certainly does not need to be that way. Divorces are generally highly emotional though, and major decisions need to be made during the process regardless of the emotional status of the spouses. Often times, divorcing couples do not think completely rationally during these situations; however, this does not need not mean the couple needs to go straight to litigation.

How the courts determine what is in the best interest of a child

Many people in New York go through divorces every year. Each divorce is unique depending on the circumstances of the marriage. They can also be very emotional for the spouses involved. If the couple has children, it can be even more emotional since their decisions will have a major effect on the children as well. Despite the difficulties the parents may go through, the ultimate goal of a child custody decision is what is in the best interest of the child.

Answers to common New York child support questions

Whether a parent is expecting to make support payment or receive them payment, parents will usually have many questions regarding the support order. Child support is simple in the fact that it is based on the best interests of the child. There are other factors that influence the specific amounts allocated in each family situation. In New York, there are a few things divorcing or separated parents should know about child support payments.

Neighboring Supreme Court rules: You can't un-divorce

We all know that some marriages do not last forever. Some divorcees believe that this could be true of their divorce. A recent New Hampshire Supreme Court rules that a recently divorced couple cannot un-divorce. The couple was seeking something of an 'annulment' of their divorce when they decided to get back together.

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