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Impartiality of a mediator during divorce mediation

Divorces in New York are not always an easy process. They certainly can be, but often times, there are disagreements about how the couple should divide assets, who will have custody of the children, when each parent will have parenting time with the children, how much one parent will pay the other each month for child support, whether one spouse should receive alimony and other issues. These disagreements can also escalate because usually, the couples are not happy together.

How domestic violence affects child custody in New York

Most couples in New York get into fights during their relationship. For the most part, these fights are verbal and do not escalate beyond words. This is true for punishing children for wrongdoing as well. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, and sometimes, the fight or punishment results in a physical altercation with one spouse hitting or committing another type of assault on the other one or on the child.

How to determine whether a spouse is hiding assets in a divorce

During a marriage in New York, in theory, spouses share everything. However, this is certainly not always the case. Many times, people know that bills are paid and may have a general idea of how much the other spouse earns. But, the other spouse may hide financial information from the other spouse. Other times, one spouse handles all the finances, and the other one really does not know much about the finances.

Calculating basic child support in New York

Not all parents stay together in New York. Some of these parents may have never been together when they had a child, but others may end up divorcing at some point in time, while the child is a minor. Many times, one parent will end up with the child more often than the other parent. However, this does not mean that the parent is responsible to provide for most of the child's financial needs when they have them.

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