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Understanding the complexities of child custody issues

Child custody disputes have the potential to become quite acrimonious. In many child custody legal battles, there may be vicious allegations of domestic abuse, child abuse or even psychological and sexual abuse perpetrated by one of the estranged spouses. The attorneys at Carton & Rosoff PC have handled such long and drawn-out, bitter child custody battles for decades.

How is child custody determined in New York?

Many White Plains, New York, residents know that the issues surrounding child custody are complicated and plentiful. As a result, when finalizing child custody and visitation arrangements, the custody agreement must be approved by the court. The state of New York further categorizes child custody as legal custody and physical custody. Legal custody gives the parent the right to make important decisions pertaining to a child's upbringing; physical custody refers to the parent who provides the child with permanent residence.

Actress Kelly Rutherford engaged in child custody dispute

No Westchester parent wants to lose their child. However, child custody disputes often lead to one parent not being with the child. The noncustodial parent may have visitation rights enabling that parent to meet the child, according to a court-ordered schedule. Sometimes, the parents may live in two different countries, and that situation may make it very difficult for the parent to visit the child regularly. Kelly Rutherford, one of the stars of "Gossip Girl," was told by the New York court that it would allow her children to be returned to her German-born ex-husband.

Failing to gain custody, Washington mother abducts son and flees

New Yorkers know that one significant area of family law involves determining who a child will live with. As a personal issue, child custody is well known for generating anger and conflict. Unfortunately, disputes over custody can sometimes take unexpectedly dangerous turns even between blood relatives.

New York court rules against mother in custody dispute

At times, when a marriage between a couple comes to an end, it is the mother who is frequently deemed by the court to be the primary custodian of the children. Yet a child custody dispute may involve developments which will lead to the mother losing her right to physical custody of her children.

Custody dispute questions pregnant mother's travel rights

Though custody disputes are not uncommon among divorced parents and are sometimes settled relatively quickly, there are occasions when these disputes turn into major prolonged legal battles that eat into the lives of both the parents and their child. In either situation, though, it is important to understand that the most prioritized concern that any New York court will keep in mind while deciding a child custody dispute is what is in the best interests of the child.

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